Demoscene Summer Tour 2005 - The Epic Voyage

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

norwegian pictures

we were at scene event

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I don't have Internet at home you most probably noticed.

So, here I am just to tell you this, and to tell you that life has returned to normality - whatever that is - which means that I have a job, a house, a cat and an allergy.

I will make this week the calculations of fuel, money and kilometers, so that you all have a numerical dimension of the Epic Tour. Also, the Epic Vehicle still runs - it's now being used by my parents - and everything is... normal.

Sorry for being away, my dear users, you rocked my world this summer.

I will write soon(ish)!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

mobile phone pics and videos

i finally managed to get the pics and videos i been recording through out the dst05 out of my cellphone, and here they are along with some older breakpoint05 pics that alex/keyboarders took with my phone on the last day while making our way to the airport.. jeenio will probably pick a few good ones and post them directly in the blog later.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

we are back home

we finally arrived back home after a very very long drive with some good and very bad stuff happening to us in spain. but let's start from the top..

at evoke jeenio got some prize money from the compos, that secured the gas money needed to get to portugal. we also got a couple donations from digital kulture and the food leftovers from evoke partyplace cleanup process. a most welcome surprise. a quick trip to ccc to drop off and pick up stuff and ultrasound finally had to get separated as we hit the asfalt on our way to frankfurt to drop some of knutzler's stuff on his apartment before going to portugal.

a couple showers and a hunt for the gatekeeper after, we stop for a last decent meal in germany, donner teller for 5e at some turkish place. leaving frankfurt by night gave us the happy blues. quite a warm feeling hard to describe in words.

and on we go to france listening to piano solos and jazz trios! it was around 3am, we were almost arriving to paris and i decided to just dose off while jeenio kpet driving. when i woke up, we were somewhere in the middle of france desperatly avoiding tolls and buying fresh bread from a bakery we spotted during a redlight stop in a small vila. i must say i truly appreciate the overwhelmingly peacefull sensation that the french countryside delivers during the dusk of the day, the dark and long trees and isolated villages give way to more rustic houses, small river creaks and the most amazing morning fog settling through thick wheat fields scattered occasionally amongst the forests. soon after our breakfast and filmmaker activities we started looking for a nice place to park for the night, it was already day time. we found a nice forest side-road to park and undisturbingly dose off for a few couple of hours.

waking up i was required to strongly and deeply fight my yearn to kickwake jeenio up whilst he carelessly and unknowingly snored loudly and joyfully as a world class opera snort-pig champion could only ever dream of being compared with; my dark side won and i let him sleep some more so he could rest properly before driving some more. i took a couple short strolls in the nice and open forest and wondered where all the food from the bakery had disapeared into. settling myself (or my stomach rather) with some more of that not-so-cold water we had and a couple few slices of bread.

soon enough we were back on the road fighting our way through toll-free france and meeting random portuguese drivers who hinted us with directions.

a few borders and gas stops later we finally arrive in spain, on our first pitstop there we get approached by a funny looking german trying desperatly to ask us if we spoke french. and we wondered why the bloody hell was he trying to ask portuguese people if they knew french using english language, as we later discovered it turns out spanish people dont know german, nor english, nor french for that matter; but the french language seems to be the closest he had been to maintain a successfull communication session with any spanish people living near this border with france, i guess beeing a german who can't speak spanish didn't help much. to cut a long story short, paul and irina joined our party on the quest to cross spain as they also seemed to require a lift to burgos. jeenio was happy to finally have a worthy (and more actively responsive) victim for his nonstop chatting, and i was happy i wasnt required to be the victim anymore so we both defnitly enjoyed the company and the talks that so successfully kept jeenio happily driving without feeling sleepy.

the whole crossing of spain is a particularly interesting chapter that, given the way the day slowly progressed as the hours ticked, from growing greatness into growing tragedy, it's best left for jeenio to describe later. on a reassurance note, no animals or plants were injured and/or horribly killed during this chapter of our journey, and i defnitly don't regret coming by car through this part of the trip one damn bit. on the contrary, all the misshaps of the spanish chapter of the trip only bring warmth, joy and laughter to my soul. ^^ sadly, i don't think jeenio shares my love for hazards. :) one thing is for sure, i'll defnitly never forget those amazing stars blinking in the sky that night. ^^ i wonder if wishing for same wish on two diferent shooting stars cancels its effect or not. i didnt want to be very greedy. :) i think i might have failed. :D

after dropping off the germans and many turns on the foggy dam road (its not a typo, there was litterally extremly thick fog and a real dam, looking gloomy and imponent with all the scattered lights blinking in the dark, facing the gorge of rock beside us) i soon grew tired of admiring the darkness and decided to dose off for a while, to ensure we wouldn't crash and burn while i was sleeping i instructed jeenio to just park when he felt tired instead of playing captain america with us, and he probably took offense to it since he insisted on re-assuring me had done exactly so (parked to sleep a few hours) the moment i appeared to be waking up. when i finally woke up i came to realize we aparently already where in Portugal since the roadsigns would now say "Porto Maia" and suddenly we were ascending the street where rup once lived and i used to go every once a month to get my hair cut short and spiky at the local barber. we turned the roundabout of the tribute to the flight pilots who crossed something which i can never quite recall what exactly (apparently it's the pacific), and arrived at good old praceta do colégio de gaia where i was required to take everything out of my bag looking for my keys before recalling i had placed them inside the glasses' box. we carried my stuff up, dumped it in the floor, i hugged jorge goodbye and sms'ed my parents a short "im alive and sleeping at home", and attempted to proceeded directly into that very same activity: it's a strange thing about comfortable old beds, after a month of separation they seem to feel alot more comfortable. i soon found myself disturbingly hugging my pillow and releasing a quite few sighs and purrs and damp moans, i then moaned and purred and purred and moaned some more, and contemplated how good and comfortable and warm and fuzzy and nice my own bed can feel, i soon purred and moaned and sigh'd and purred and moaned my way into dreamland.

i woke up to realize the tour wasn't quite over yet...
..and don't forget to come to inérciaDemoparty2005

Sunday, August 28, 2005

evoke evoke

last day of evoke. everyone seems to be waking up, idling waiting for the prize giving.
unlock and dodke are sitting next to me wondering wtf im typing about exactly.

it seems to be a live report from evoke.
we went to a demoparty and had some beer.
and chilled in the oldskool area and talked about future crew.
and how they are dead.

i guess plastic will win the democompo, maybe calodox the 4k, we shall see.
later today (or maybe tomorow) we'll start our long drive back home. i seem to have decided to tag along with jorge on the car instead of catching my plane, just to make sure he doesnt kill himself, and i always wanted to check out french treescape at nightime, there is a rumour floating around that they are dark and long, so it should be nice. ^^

andry sends fuckings to kewlers and greetings to accession only!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

the dark side of the tour


jeenio took a while to give me access to this blog so im abit late to write on past events as they surged upon us, but i still defnitly must lay down some words concearning the dark side of the epic journey on this blog, just for the sheer sake of typing some.

so lets go backwards in time.

it's now the 24th, people are starting to arrive in köln for evoke. dipswitch is finishing his work so he can push his bank account out of negative numbers and im supposed to be fixing the co-work track for the streamed music compo. (which was starting to sound pretty decent but is still unifinished and missing some cheesy vocals if we truly wish to beat wayfinder and paniq in the compo)
yesterday there was yet another evoke orgas meeting (where they speak german all the time at this nice fancy pub and i get bored to death trying to get any of it) and some small happy demowatching session.

just a few days ago we were boozing in switzerland. most of my idle time was spent harnessing free beers from the stricht 5711 + bm germans that persisted in talking german while i was present despite my reoccuring pleas. so we made a deal, each german sentence, one free beer for me, lets just say i have enough free beers to last me all of this and upcoming editions of evoke.
but bunzli owned! big time. like i told the orgas, i dont see how a demoparty can possibly be any better then this years bunzli, more cool people and prods maybe, but thats really out of the orgas reach. the location was great, the feeling was perfect, the orgas open and helpfull.
"sitting in the oldskool area we talk about futär3 krü"
watching all the small foreigners groups there was just so cute ^o^ (i wonder what happened to the spanish posse this year) newbies getting stupidly drunk while the old farts finish their prods :)
we even got some prizemoney for the gas with the dark and long deepness in the sky remix (which actually played wrong on the bigscreen but looked better then the version we had been working on whole day and uploaded to and ofcourse everyone hates it and keeps asking where is the music *rotfl*), and a cowee for the ohp entry (which we defnitly should have practised atleast once before presenting, oh well, lets hope there is no video capture of it).
with the prizemoney and the donations we might even afford to get all the way to france now! \o/ only gas for travelling through 2 whole countries missing! \o/

hjb bbq:
1 week before bunzli we were boozing with haujobb, black maiden and limp ninja in the south bank of the rhein back in köln making jokes about all the christians about to arrive to see the pope.
"at the party with my scene friends, we eat, bbq and have some beer."
"so nice!"

amsterdam scene event afterparty:
boozing with the ninja limps and joonas and jarig sparcus in amsterdam. we found some nice bars and some nice sunglasses. we got shitfaced drunk on our reoccuring 3rd beer and hopefully rup knew how to drive back to roterdam.
a few days later, on our way to köln for the haujobb bbq we passed by venlo and we smiled and giggled and laughed and smiled and giggled some more. then we stopped for a while, and then went back into giggling like silly girls talking about their first kiss.

scene event:
crowded partyplace, no euros, no food nearby, no beer for sale anymore, heavy rain all day long. then suddenly we drove to town and got pancakes and the clouds scattered and the demos played and the bbqs felt warm and fuzzy after a well won soccer match. and we cuddled and laughed and chanted around the camp fire, happilly stealing booze from unaware norwegians who were too busy hacking danish flags and finishing their demos to care.
i just have one request, dont let okkie and jeenio start freestyle rapping when their drunk ever again. the first 10 minutes were cool, the second 10 were cute, the other 40 got somehow boring. how many times can one rhyme with "again and again" and "portuguese faggot"? one too many.

an innocent pre-party meeting with some flt members turned out too hardcore :)
lets just mention that depression leads to beer, beer leads to more beer, more beer leads to sceneboylove, sceneboylove is the path of the darkside, and gargaj was perfectly sober realizing he had just been drinking till he puked and was now completly lost in a foreign city while trying desperatly to drag a shitdrunk swede who kept dropping his pants while trying to hug him :) "no! no! hug ps instead, he's right there! hug him! hug him!.. dude.. we're so screwed."

in stokolm we had a small stay at a friend of jeenio. and met up with a couple tpolmers for a couple of beers and generic "hows it going" moments. it was good

helsinki afterparty:
i'll sumarize it into a "showing riika the best side of the scene"
lovely time. even better then preparty ^^

4k, 64k, asd, sts, blablabla.
giving comments for asmtv was fun. i have no clue how i managed to get sober during the 4k compo (which i spent mostly commenting with tournesol how fucking drunk i was and how i needed desperatly to get sober enough to look sober at the 4k comments interviw thing) but the water helped and they didnt ask complicated questions (thank god) so everything turned out ok, i even got to meet blueberry/loonies. :)
the 64k comments were alot more easy (mostly couz i had been sober during the compo watch) and the questions alot more carefully asked, which was defnitly good.
anyways, abyss gave us a nice tour of the orga section for the foreign partyorgas. too bad it made us miss the fastfood music compo (we would have won for sure), and the cd burning compo.
and i hope the seminars will get online by the time im back in portugal (which they prolly wont) couz i was too busy failing to get drunk and somewhat succeeding at not feeling depressed elsewhere at the time ^^

the dark side of the scene ^^
hanging with the usual friends started getting boring after a couple days and too many beers. but chilling with zania and kb to watch the ukscene sing really compensated that lack of international suomi socializing somehow.
bzm 10y ruled too much to be put into words right now. i defnitly had a cool time there this year :)

as always we had a pre-party at suomelina, or actually the location got changed to a park downtown couz of the trickzy unreliable weather. we were the first to arrive there. the .pt people, matti and niko. we had beers, sun, weird african people randomly coming to ask us strange questions and soon the scene started arriving. leia, arto, joonas. timo and his friend. ansichrst, nosfe, jobe. sgt, ddt. the swedes and even a greek. it was fucking great. we idled there the whole afternoon and most of the evening and somehow ended up going to ddt's work place for mindcandy2 comments section. the demos were pretty cool and the people were pretty drunk but somehow i managed to get out of the mood (the torturing laughter from the back started piercing too deep). after a few dozen demos timo had the godsent idea of going out for a smoke. enough to recover the spirits, and soon the torturing laughter went to bed and the resistance could laugh and smile at amiga demos once more. and it was good.
didnt beat the mytical riot-e sauna pre-party, but it was good enough ;)

just a couple days before i was in holland, and a couple days before that in portugal where i took a plane to schipol, and then a train to amsterdam, met with okkie and gargaj, train to middle of nowhere, bus to middle of even more nowhere funfair thingie, car-ride to back entrance of middle of nowhere funfair thingie, and found myself getting drunk with more germans than dutch, and i wondered where they - the dutch - were all hiding, and i looked inside and the chairs were empty and the organizers were organizing and we reckoned the party was really outside this time. many beers passed and fruitful discussions with many old and new faces alike arose and soon the organizers informed me that my seminar would happen soon. and then delayed it, and everyone kept asking me what would i seminar about, and i told them "i will explain to you what a demozone is and why is it that you're here exactly drinking some beers and watching some silly animations on the bigscreen, and i will mention several diferent platforms and several mytical dutch prods and girls with voluptuous breasts and that it will be good." and so we all got some more and more drunk and suddenly i needed to take a piss and organizers were frantically looking for me and rushed me in an asked me to go on stage, so i went on stage and everything worked like a charm, cheap entertainment for the real sceners present and heavy bafflement and amusement for the newbies. people laughed, said job well done, pat in the back, nudge nudge wink wink, and i felt like i had well-earned my free entrance ticket and kept boozing with the germans.
the germans were carefully trying not to show their german superiority, so tobi held up a stricht marker to count the german superiority references they made throught out the party, he was clearly in the lead. to repress the superior german presence (the only ones who seemed to be boozing and grilling and having fun outside of their tents), the organizers frequently came around and asked them/us nicely not to keep open fire (since it could obviously burn the wet grass and wet tents and inflame the whole wet campzone to the very ground in huge grotesc flames leaving nothing but grey ashes like the last time the germans were there - stricht!). they did this request reoccuringly everytime they spotted a tiny little flame near our tent. on one ocasion, and after many abused uses of the utensil, they also asked us to not use the megaphone, since we were camping on the quiet zone, and not to grill there because we were not on the grill zone. and we looked and frowned and wondered what exact size the stick that was up their buttocks was and armed ourselfs with water and more beer so we could put out the open fire when in need. and stopped using the megaphone for a couple of hours. (megaphone which incidently they came ask us to lend them when the power outage came on the second day and pushed all the poor gamers out of their tents and into the great cold lanless outdoors where other gamers were also baffled and scared for they could not keep on trading pr0n and gib each other and chat irc as if they were at home). on another ocassion, after a heavy night of tobi constantly asking all random chicks that passed by us if he could touch them in an improper manner (and you can imagine the severe boozing that occured at the german tent before he decided to get up and go on his quest of asking dutch girls if he could touch them in an improper manner), and while we were all recovering from our deep hangovers and barely still waking up, they insisted that we should clean up our place immediatly. and we looked around and agreed to do it as soon as we had actually woken up, which we slowly started to do so (the cleaning not the waking up) when another organizer (higher ranked one) came around and asked us if we had fun last night and shortly after inquired about the mess we had around us, occasionally mentioning the place was rented and making sure we knew that most people who claim they'll clean up usually go away before bothering to do so, and we assured him we were germans (or well, the rest of the ppl in the tent were, i just pretended to be) and had no intention of disgracing holland's land and leave it all messy behind us (like we did before - stricht!) and so we started cleaning more speedly and when we were nearly done we started thinking of healthy breakfast and ate some nice biodegradable pears, and ofcourse steam0r flung the pear into the woods (since its biodegradable and we like to encourage recycling) right at the point where another organizer was passing, who looked and kept walking and then suddenly stopped and came to us asking us if we not had been warned to keep the place clean yet while beeing absolutly convinced that what steam had flung was something alot more evil and dirty and non biodegradable than a pear. i tried extremly hard to contain my overwhelming laughter as steam explained to him it was only a pear and we had been cleaning and everything was nearly done, to which the organizer once again reminded us of our duties as visitors to keep the place clean as we found it and did us the immense favor of pretending not to have seen us throw litter into the woods instead of the bags. to which i stopped beeing able to restrain myself and cracked up laughing while telling the organizer it was the third time they had told us that and that we had been cleaning the whole place for the last 20 minutes. ofcourse he repeated the obvious and went away proud of his heavy influence as an organizer upon us.
apart from the funny organizers and throwing mnemonix's broken computer into the mud, we didnt have much else to do, we sletp and watched some compos, boozed and eaten and watch some compos and then 303f starts playing and we went dancing (we as in mnemonix and me, everyone else was just standing there waiting for something to happen, wtf is wrong with these dutch gamers?) and before we notice jeenio enters the dancefloor jumping and shouting and hugging bassie and smiling and recording 303f and jumping and smiling and hugging some more, and we watched the gig and tried to help the compo winners (raimo and skrebble) light their commemorative grill (which incidently shouldnt be lit in that zone couz it constitutes open fire on the non grill zone) and we soon had to leave. car trip 15 hours, ferry ride another 12, train from turku 40 fucking euros, and we arrive in helsinki "ready to demo".

Friday, August 19, 2005

the first Epic Donor!

The main organizer of Buenzli, Unlock / Vantage / Padua was the first official Epic Donor! He read this website and he gave me a donation! HOORAY!!!

It's worth to mention that without the following people I would never be able to make this Epic Voyage:

- my mum, for the car and support
- melwyn /, for VIP tickets at Assembly
- shifter, for agreeing to play against us for some tickets for Scene Event (and losing)
- xxx / haujobb, for inviting Ultrasound to play at Evoke right after the gig at breakpoint and, thus, securing us with a free entrance
- Unlock / Vantage / Padua, for accepting our self-invitation to play at Buenzli and, thus, securing us with a free entrance

and finally,

- brainpower and ps for the obvious reasons. You rule my world.

I'm sure I'm forgetting someone, but that's the beauty of posting here, I can edit it later :)

Ok, now to the party! What am I doing still here?!?